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In 2017 I learned that I was diagnosed with PCOS otherwise known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women in a plethora of ways. My symptoms were uncontrollable weight gain, hyperhidrosis, hair loss and feeling lethargic at any given moment. Sometimes my exhaustion was so strong, I’d fall asleep at the wheel, this happened a few times. I began to take pills, and which helped me maintain my weight and thankfully my hair loss subsided, a little bit at least. Even though the pills helped in some areas, in others of my health, I still felt sick! Consequently, I stopped taking the medication and decided to treat my health naturally.


Because of my diagnosis, I was consistently working out and closely monitoring my food intake. If not, my weight gain would double, sometimes triple more than the normal persons would. Let’s say that prior to my PCOS, I was already actively working out, but now, the gym is my life. Subsequently, fitness wear became a very important section in my dresser! I’d buy so many clothes due to my weight fluctuating so often, but the thing was, workout apparel is SO EXPENSIVE!


A few years back, I became intrigued with taking the journey of  entrepreneurialism and building my very own fit-wear brand, but juggling my corporate job and daily obstacles, I wasn’t sure on how exactly I’d be able to start my own business. But guess what, 2020 happened and it taught me that life is short and being lackadaisical will leave one on their butt really fast!


So, I started! I began to build on the dream of building my fitness apparel brand, Kaliciafit, which is pronounced (Kay-Al-icia-fit). K is my first name’s initial and Alicia is my middle name. Kaliciafit is an inclusive brand specifically constructed for women of all shapes and sizes, and soon enough for men as well.


Our motto, “Love your Body.”


-Owner & Founder, Karel Alicia



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